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VTEM skitter

Looking through the essence of life

to understang all the basic mechanisms
VTEM skitter

Discovering the substance itself

and develop cutting-edge approaches
VTEM skitter

Bringing into our reality

for making it safer, easier and longer

Our speciality

Major directions of activities are:


Drug Discovery

Detection and interpreting of the correlations on molecular level, for pharmacuetical invention purposes.

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Developing of the new methods in diseases detect, combining existing and most modern approaces.

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A digital researhes in large amounts of data, that could help us to revelate the basic interactions in organism.

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Searching for methods of elicitation, correcting and changing the cells' corresponding regulatory functions.

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Who are we?

We are a young company, ambitious to become leading in genetics and bioinformatics
1     Data computing
Bioinformatics is an "inter-science" discipline, without which it is impossible to store, manage, query and analyse all the data in life sciences. Bioinformatics helps us to create new hypotheses, discover new functional elements and find new patterns. Briefly we can say: it applies computer technologies to biology. Due to our operational experience in IT, data management and mathematics, this task doesn't looks impossible for us. An ability to work with hardware and software is our faithful ally on this point.
2     Discussions in community
Our discoveries should allow us to open new horizons in life sciences. And what if someone is moving in the same direction, or even already done this task? In this case it would be a great luck and an honour for us to unite our efforts for the benefit of mankind. That's why we try to be involved in any discussions on the themes that are close to us. To keep abreast in modern trends we are communicating with many foundations in the world.
3     Laboratory tests
No one present-day discovery in medicine is possible without preceeding serious laboratory work. Due to cooperation with our Associates, we have in our disposal the most modern laboratories: among them are Scientific Practical Center for Pediatric Aid, FSCC PHOI n.a. Dmitry Rogachev, and many others.
4     Literature tracing
One of most considerable parts of our work is to study thematic literature, about the subjects of our investigations. Leading institutes publishing their proceedings in PubMed, NCBI, and many other resources. This ensured that we can be up on all progress concerning our spheres of interest. 

Our projects

Our range of interests is wide enough

Our Partners

GenBioTec team members are productively cooperating with the leading institutions:

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